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  • "I just wanted you to know that I took your free class Thursday night and went to Kroger today in Frankemuth and loved it, they were very nice and not busy at all, I have never s..."
  • "I just wanted to take a second and say how grateful I am for you guys! I went to a class that my friend was hosting and you guys seriously changed my life! I am now addicted to ..."
Small Changes Make a Big Difference

Gas and Food prices got you down?  Sign up for the membership package and learn to save 60-70% or more off your grocery bill!  We do the work for you!  We walk the stores to get all sales, not just advertised, and match them to coupons. Just download the list and go to your favorite store.  No more running around town to get every dealSaving you time, money and gas!!!

Clippers4Change is not just about taking classes and clipping coupons.  We are a community of people learning to save money in all areas to provide a better lifestyle to ourselves and others.  We support charities, military families and local families in need as well as pet adoption and foster care.  Our goal is to provide a bigger impact to these groups as our numbers grow. Come be a part of a community of Givers and save on your own grocery bill while blessing those around you.

Congratulations in taking the first step in changing your life and the lives of those around you.    

FREE Classes: 

Clippers4Change classes are FREE  . Classes teach everything you need to know about couponing, including how to save over 60% without ever clipping a coupon. WE do ALL the work including the cutting,clipping and organizing. Check us out first, then get started right. We have everything you need to get started on the website, as well as techniques to accelerate your savings if you already are a couponer.  No obligation to come learn what we know . We want you to save the most money possible without costing you a fortune in time and money.  

Your area doesn't double coupons?  Eventhough the store isn't doubling your coupons, you can still save BIG.  Our Extreme Coupon Packets show you how without doing any work. Become a member, preview the packet, then order the packet and get the list with coupons attached mailed to you.  All you do is go to the store and pick up  the Great Deals!!!

 Want to be an Extreme Coupon Shopper? 

   Not sure about signing up?? Check out the packets for sale weekly to make the most of your savings and stockpile extra items.  Great way to put cheap or free items away for charity or start saving for gifts throughout the year. Guaranteed to save you at least 60% at the grocery store and well over the $20.00 cost of the packet !!  You have nothing to lose- Give it a try!!

Extreme Coupon Packet -Save without ever clipping a coupon. Clippers4Change does ALL the work you save BIG!

Extreme Coupon Packet-

Complete grocery List with all the coupons attached to complete your shopping trip!

Become an extreme coupon shopper and save BIG money 

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Clippers4Change is making a difference in their community. Join the Community of Givers and save on your own grocery bill.